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How to be an effective job-seeker, land your ideal job with a great salary and working conditions.

Your job is the foundation of your life, it provides money to live and fills a large portion of your week. A proactive approach to job-hunting can ensure you find a job you love, get the terms of employment you need and a great salary package.

Whether you like it or not, job-hunting is a sales process – you are selling yourself.

Most of you are not salespeople and selling oneself is terrible confronting, but you don’t have to be the big “I am” to get results, in fact that’s a sure way to fail.

Taking the right steps to build your profile, manage the recruitment process, prepare the right answers and know the right questions is the key to selling your way to success.

For example, to negotiate a great salary package you need to position yourself for success through the recruitment process from the very first interaction. This will likely be a digital document outlining your experience and your LinkedIn profile and this is your first chance to start creating desire and excitement for your skills.

Jobhunt effectively and you will achieve career success

As with any project, there are stages:

1. Define your goals: What do you want in a new position? What is important to you?

2. Research the market: What jobs are there in the market? Where do your skills fit?

3. Long-term goals: If you are ambitious, how can you position yourself to work towards your long-term career goals? What is the next career step you should take?

4. Develop your marketing material and sales pitch: You are selling yourself when you are job-hunting, so the right CV and digital presence is essential.

5. Hit the market: Be focused in your approach and manage the application process to get the best results.

6. Meeting recruiters and hiring managers: Go to interviews with answers prepared to demonstrate why you are a great candidate, and questions to get the truth about the business you are considering as your next employer.

7. Implement feedback: Be prepared to tweak strategies and implement feedback to improve your results.

8. Close the deal: Get the job and employment package you want.

I am going to write a series of blogs covering each of these steps over the coming weeks with some easy tips you can implement, to help you job-hunt like a pro.

I have helped thousands of people achieve their career goals quicker, secure awesome jobs and plan strategic career paths. I write resumes, LinkedIn profiles and provide personalised coaching to my clients.

I work with people from all industries and professions, graduate to managing director level and have a tailored program for new skilled migrants. I have helped people in Australia, America, Europe, Asia the Middle East and Africa!

I love my work and hearing my client’s stories, its lots of fun.

For further information, give me a call 04375 90411 or email me.

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