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Services for New Migrants & Mi Talent Program

Find work in your profession, learn how to job-hunt in Australia, accelerate your results and start earning quicker.
Cost effective and comprehensive services, that get results.

It can be challenging as a skilled migrant to find work with no local experience.  It seems easier to move to other countries and start working than in Australia. 

There is no practical training on effective job-hunting, recruiters are typically not able to place someone till they have 1-2 years local experience, most job adverts ask for local experience and professionals at the top of their game can struggle to navigate the job market here.  Many of my clients with excellent qualifications and experience have been working in basic roles such as driving, cleaning and administration. I have helped so many people restart their career locally, even after years out of their profession, working in non-skilled jobs.  

All my engagements start with a face-to-face meeting by video-call.  I work with people across Australia and internationally before they move here.

We discuss your goals and challenges and I interview you in detail to get the information I need to write your resume. 

Based on your experience, I let you know the type of jobs to apply for.  I get you to send me example job adverts, so I can see what interests you and most importantly check that you are targeting the right positions.

After the meeting, I prepare the first draft resume which you review, and we make edits to finalise the document.

I Australianise your experience, showcasing your skills and achievements to demonstrate the contribution and value-add you will bring to an employer.  I ensure you approach the market using the right language and terminology.

I can just write your resume, but I have a Mi Talent Program, designed to support the unique needs of new migrants, to help you get earning and meaningful work faster.

This package includes: LinkedIn profile, two cover letters letter, a training session on using LinkedIn to look for job opportunities (a third of my clients find work this way), interview coaching, an introduction to send to decision makers and on-going support through weekly calls, pre and post interview discussions. I join you on your job hunt and support you ever step of the way to find work faster.

I become your job-seeking mentor and have helped hundreds secure their first job in Australia and enjoy watching their careers grow over the years.

Your career success is my goal which is why 80% of my business by recommendation, check out my LinkedIn page for detailed testimonials. 

Services include: Mi Talent Program, Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing, LinkedIn Coaching, Application Letters, Selection Criteria & Interview Coaching​​.

Example experience includes:

  • Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing and Trades.

  • Sales, Marketing, Communications, Brand Managers, Product Managers and Event Managers

  • Digital, IT and Telecoms

  • Non-profit, Government, Local Council and Tertiary

  • Human Resources, L&D, Finance, Accounting, EA’s & Administrators

  • Business Leaders, General Managers, MD’s, CEO’s, COO, CTO’s and CXO’s

  • Media, Design and Multimedia Production

  • Academics, PhD Students and Lecturers

  • Supply Chain, Transport, Logistics and Procurement

  • Health Care, Mental Health and Community Workers

  • Consulting, Legal and Professional Services

Email your resume and details of your goals for a free review.

New Migrants: Services


These and many more can be read on my LinkedIn profile

New Migrants: Testimonials
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“So competent, professional and devoted to getting the best outcomes for her clients. I found Nadina at the beginning of my recruitment journey - and what a relief to have avoided months of frustration! She helped me land a dream job in government (the first position I applied for, and my first ever in the public service). She adapted to the language of the Media/Comms industry with ease and was careful to let my voice shine through the application. Fair prices and very generous with her time!”

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