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Nadina Benvenisti

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Resume Writer, Career Optimiser

Coach & Recruiter

Cost effective, unique & personalised services 

Depth of knowledge and experience across all industries and professions

I started my recruitment career in 2007 and have recruited in a range of industries including construction & engineering, manufacturing and IT.  I have recruited every type of role you can imagine including business leaders, operations, corporate services, administration and trades.

I learnt quickly that often the best CV’s are not presented by the best candidates and people struggle to write a CV that showcases and markets their skills effectively.  I would often speak with people on the phone and uncover so much great information, but they had not shared it on the document that recruiters judge their application on.

People don’t like to sell themselves and often don’t see aspects of their work as great achievements, when they should.

This is why I started my consulting business as a CV writer in 2013, to help my clients market themselves effectively, stand out from the crowd and realise their career goals.

I have depth of knowledge and experience writing CVs for all industries and professions and understand what recruiters and hiring managers want to see.  I understand what you do and what makes you good at doing it.

I don’t believe a CV can be accurately written without a meeting, otherwise it becomes a copy-writing service.  My CV's are personalised to my client and showcase their unique value-add, competencies and personality.

A good CV does not just secure an interview and influences the whole recruitment process.  An interview process is led by the interviewer’s agenda which means you might not get the opportunity to speak about your greatest achievements, but they are there on the CV. 

I get to know my clients in detail and love my job as I get to meet and know amazing people and help them achieve their goals. 

I have written thousands of CV's and 80% of my business is by referral and recommendation. 

I have helped people that have made hundreds of unsuccessful job applications, finally start getting interview calls and secure work. 

My LinkedIn page has detailed testimonials.

Call me, or email your CV below for a free appraisal and let me know your goals or challenges.

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These and many more can be read on my LinkedIn profile

About: Testimonials
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“So competent, professional and devoted to getting the best outcomes for her clients. I found Nadina at the beginning of my recruitment journey - and what a relief to have avoided months of frustration! She helped me land a dream job in government (the first position I applied for, and my first ever in the public service). She adapted to the language of the Media/Comms industry with ease and was careful to let my voice shine through the application. Fair prices and very generous with her time!”

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