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Is 2022 the best year to get a new job?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Time for a payrise?

2022 offers unique opportunities to get the job you want, but also unique risks

With two years of lockdowns impacting business operations; most companies were focused on keeping the lights on and placed growth strategies on hold. Employees were focused on home schooling and staying healthy so changing jobs went right down the priority list.

This lack of growth and movement in the job market meant fewer vacancies and opportunities to accelerate your career.

Now we have transitioned to the "new normal" with kids back at school; people acanprioritise their careers and job movers create vacancies.

We have had minimal levels of skilled migration through the epidemic, job advertisements are up and unemployment is at record lows.

It's a job-seekers market. Businesses are having to be more creative to fill their job vacancies and be more flexible on who they hire.

Leverage 2022 to accelerate your career

What are your career goals? What is your vision for your ideal work-life?

Now is one of the best times in history to create the career you dream of. That might be flexible working to fit your life, more money to cushion the blow of rising costs, a more senior position or career change.

You are in a better position in 2022 to negotiate what you need to ensure you have a rewarding career.

Prioritise your goals, update your CV and LinkedIn profile and start looking. Be proactive and start networking and approaching decision-makers for businesses that excite you, looking for opportunities.

Use the interview process to do due diligence around your goals but wait till the late stages and a job offer before negotiating your expectations.

Manage the risks when changing jobs

Disrupted supply chains, increased costs and a range of complex global challenges mean businesses are under great pressure and risk. Also, we have an election pending which presents risks and opportunites for different industries depending on the winner. The last thing you want to do is leave a secure job and get made redundant months later.

Ensure that you do careful due diligence before changing jobs.

Research the business, directors and managers online to check for any adverse news.

Look at the specific risks impacting the industry you are targetting and ask open-ended questions at interviews to get a feel for how these are being controlled.

For example:

"How are you managing the challenges importing products?"

"How has inflation impacted your cost base? What are your strategies to navigate these?"

"How have you adapted to the tariffs in China impacting your export markets?"

"What are you doing to manage rising material costs in your business?"

"What would a change in Government mean for your business?"

You want to hear the business has a focus on navigating these challenges and is financially viable. If you get the feeling they are not, then walk away.

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